Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #394

By Aunt Arctic -- There are many quesitons about the mysterious snowfall at the dojo. But Sensei was nowhere to be found.

"The elements are out of balance. It is time for me to face the truth behind the storm."
What do you think Sensei is speaking of? Perhaps he is about to reveal the last element of card-jitsu....snow. 

Courageous heroes used their super powers to stop Protobot and his legion of robots right in their titanium tracks.
It looks like we defeated all of the robots around the island using our super powers! Also it says penguins have been noticing a bright rainbow colored glow coming from Garys lab! What could it be?

Upcoming events:

On Now!

Penguin's at Work: Show off your sushi skills and become a Sashimi Chef!

May 16!

Furniture: This season it's all about ruby and ebony! Get the latest in Ninja decor!

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