Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #400 - Four Teams To Compete!

Club Penguin has released its latest newspaper on the island! This marks their 400th issue of Club Penguin Times! Let's check out this week's newspaper and see what's going on!

The main article in this week's newspaper talks about the four teams to compete! The teams to compete are team ROR, JOX, PNK, and OK! Which team are you?

By Aunt Arctic -- "Are you scary? Do you have a fierce attitude? Are you an all star? Do you like cake? Three fraternities and one sorority are on the look out for the scariest scarers! 

The second article in this week's newspaper talks about the 400th issue being published! How many words have you read in the penguin times?

Here are the upcoming events, 

July 11 - Penguin Style - Check out the latest and coolest summer threads!

July 11 - Featured Postcards - Send a new shout out to an old friend!

Did you like this week's newspaper? Are you excited about the 400th issue of penguin times? Leave your comments below!

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