Club Penguin Style Catalog June 2013 Hidden Items!

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has released an awesome new catalog with summer inspired clothes! Although there aren't any hidden items in the catalog i'm sure you will be happy with the items that aren't hidden.

On this page we have a nice bright orange hoodie along with some blue shorts to match. You get a new hair style and some nice looking brown sandles for the summer.

Here we have a set of brightly colored clothes to show your penguins more girly side. You get a dark colored dress with light pink flowers print along with a dark blue colored purse to match.

This page doesn't have much. You get a snow white short dress, short hair with a hot pink flower and some white sandles to match the dress. For the male penguins we have some white foot wear as well. You get some solid blond hair with a blue jacket matching the shoes.

What did you all think about this months catalog? I am a little disappointed that there were no hidden items in this months catalog but the items that were not hidden are more than decent. I really like how they're matching the summer time with their clothes. It's enough to keep your penguins nice and cool during the hot summer.

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  1. Cool but I'm looking for 2014 dress codes on this website! Sorry!