Club Penguin Herbert Tracker July 2013!

Club Penguin has many mascots which are super famous penguins on Club Penguin! We will be trying to find a bear named Herbert! Herbert is not the average bear! He's evil and wants to take over the Club Penguin island! He'll be arriving on the island on the Death Star for the Star Wars Party! Join us to take down Herbert!
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Herbert Meet-up Times:

All meeting times listed here are in PST!

Wednesday, August 7th

Eiszeit (German) at 8:00 AM PST.
Deu Branco (Portuguese) at 7:05 AM PST.
Cristal de Gelo (Portuguese) at 12:10 PM PST.
Freezer (Portuguese) at 3:20 PM PST.

*Remember that PST stands for Penguin Standard Time!


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