Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #404

Club Penguin has released its latest newspaper. This week's newspaper mainly talks about the upcoming party, The Star Wars Takeover Party 2013. Let's check out this week's newspaper:

The main article in this week's newspaper is about Club Penguin being in trouble. DJ Cadence has left us a message reading the Death Star is coming and how Herbert will destroy the island.

Message from Princess Cadence - "Club Penguin - I'm in desperate need of your help! We're all in GRAVE DANGER!! The Death Star is coming! Darth Herbert is gonna TOTALLY destroy the island."

The second article in this week's newspaper reads about preparing for space flight as getting into space in no walk in the park! Jet Pack Guy has left us some information on training.

By JPG - "One more thing, ice cream in space is terrible. So, stock up on astronaut. Ice cream (the dehydrated stuff- it's much better)!"
Last but not least, the upcoming events:

On Now - Furniture Catalog - Galactic empire, or Rebel base? What's your intergalactic igloo style?

July 25 - Fly into Space - Now hiring: Rebels to defeat the dark side. Apply within.

Herbert is going down! I can't wait for the Star Wars Takeover party can you? Leave your comments below!

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