Club Penguin Times Newspaper #405

Urgent message from Princess Cadence: This is our most desperate hour. Someone's gotta save our skins and u guys r the ones to do it.

 If you click 'Let's get 'em!' you get to read more.

Oh no! Looks like there's a large amount of Stormtroopers working for Herbert!


By Obi-Wan Sensei -- Members, you must learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi Master. Protect Club Penguin and your efforts will be rewarded.

Cool I want to become a Jedi Master!


On Now!

Fly to Tatooine: Recieve your orders and begin Rebel training!

August 1st!

Infiltrate the Death Star: Outsmart Herbert and steal the secret plans!

August 8th!

Fly to Yavin 4: Destroy the Death Star, restore freedom to the galaxy, and collect your medal reward!

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