Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats August 2013!

Along with numerous updates, Club Penguin has released a brand new edition of the Penguin Style Catalog. This month's Penguin Style Catalog features items and backgrounds that are summer-themed.

If you look at page 2, you will see that Club Penguin has added two new backgrounds to the catalog.

Now we move over to page 4, where the new items begin to appear. If you click on the purple penguin's right flipper, you will find the Floral Bikini.

Over on page 6, we have more penguins rocking summer styles. If you click on the blue penguin's left foot, you will find the Black Top Sneakers.

Lastly, we move over to page 7. On page 7, you will find multiple swimwear items, many of which are returning. If you click on the Blue Star Swimsuit, you will find the Hawaiian Shirt, an item that hasn't been available in years!

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