Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Yavin 4 Guide

Once you have boarded the space ship at the Dock, click on "Yavin 4" on your map. When you first arrive on Yavin 4, a message from Princess Cadence will appear.
After you have spoken with Princess Cadence and she has briefed you on the situation, click on the ship that says "Defeat the TIE Fighters." A screen will appear with three levels. To advance through the levels, you must click on the button that says "Play". In this mini-game, you have to use the arrow keys to move, and your spacebar to shoot lasers at the turrets.

One of the fastest ways to advance through all three levels is to stay to the far right hand side while holding down the space bar, up arrow key, and right arrow key. After the first level you are awarded a Yavin 4 playercard Background. After the second level you are awarded an X-Wing Fighter Pilot Helmet. And finally, once you have completed level 3, you will receive an X-Wing Fighter Pilot Costume if you are a member. Now that you have defeated the TIE Fighter Pilots and you have destroyed the Death Star, Princess Cadence will award you with a medal.

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