Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Walkthrough!

Hey everyone! You may be a little lost in this party so here is the walkthrough! This party is pretty simple. You get to attend Brady and McKenzie's show and collect awesome items.

We have to travel to differen't beaches and collect and do differen't things.

First, if you check out Big Momma's Snack Shack you may be able to see Brady and McKenzie performing! Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes.

Now let's check out the Dock and collect that awesome ukulele!

To collect the Ukulele just click the purple button with a picture of the ukulele on it.

If you head over to the forts you can collect that cool hat!

The Teen Beach Movie Themed Catalog!

First, click the brown catalog in the bottom right corner of your screen. Open up and catalog and you'll see two awesome new styles! You can wear McKenzies clothes or you can choose to wear Bradys clothes.

We have awesome motorcycles on this next page. You can get it in differen't colors whichever one you like. There is a secret item on this page. Click the Red Motorcycle for the secret item.

Now we have many cool styles for clothes as well as nice hair styles. In my opinion, this is not my favorite page. There is a secret item. Click the item named 'The Butchy' for the hidden item.

Here is the last page. You can purchase a lot of light blue or pink clothes. These outfits are perfect for summer. There are no hidden items on this page.

Want to meet Brady, McKenzie and possibly Cadence? Check out our trackers on the front page.

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