Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #408

By Cadence -- Wax your surf boards. Rev your engines. And throw on your swim suits because it's time for some slamming good FUN!
Awesome! Looks like the party will begin on August 22nd! If you click "LET'S SURF" it will let you continue reading.


First of all, I kind of don't like how Cadence uses the letter 'U' instead of using the word 'you'. Is anyone else bothered by this? It seems that McKenzie and Brady will be meetable mascots for the Summer party!

By Aunt Arctic -- Congratulations everyone. I am very proud of all of you. Your hard work has most definately paid off! The Death Star is destroyed, Darth Herbert is defeated, and the Millennium Falcon has left to explore the galaxy.

On now!

Furniture Catalog: Start your own summer party with beach-themed igloo items!

Where's the Ruby: Get to the Stage for a suspensful performance of Ruby and the Ruby!

Igloo Music: Head to your igloo and rock out to the latest tunes!

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