Club Penguin Halloween Party October 2013 Cheats/Walkthrough

Hey everyone! The Halloween Party is here and there are a ton of new things to do like going trick-or-treating and collecting candy.

So, when you first log into Club Penguin you will be taken to the snow forts. Here you'll see other penguins trick-or-treating and collecting candy for cool items!

To collect candy you should waddle up to one of these big orange pumpkins. 

It lets you choose from some candy! Each candy gives you some coins but if you're really lucky you'll be able to collect a special candy.

Once you find a special candy Gary should start talking to you.

 Now to check your candy bag you have to click the light brown bag in the top right corner.

Each of the special candies let you transform into something new.

Notice that it tells you how much candy you have in total.

You also use your candy for cool items in the halloween party catalog!

Halloween Candy Catalog:

New Halloween Emoticons:

Club Penguin added six (6) new emoticons on Club Penguin! These new emoticons are halloween themed and fun to use!


Trick-Or-Treat Igloos:

If you're a member, did you know you can open up your igloo so others can come to trick-or-treat? All you have to do is put the orange pumpkin item in your home!

Once you add the pumpkin item your igloo will be added to a list of igloos that other penguins can come to trick-or-treat at! Cool huh?

You can check out the Trick-Or-Treat Igloos by clicking your map and then clicking the 'Show Them' button.

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