Club Penguin Operation Puffle Party Cheats Guide 2013

Club Penguin has finally released the newest party on the snow-covered island. The party is called, Operation Puffle. There are missing puffles all over the island due to the plans of Herbert. It is now our job to find the missing puffles!

When you first log in, you will receive a message from the Director. Proceed with the message and accept the mission.

At the Plaza, you will see a few signs of missing puffles:

Emotions: Club Penguin has added three new emotions to the Emotes list! Check it out:

To begin your mission, head to the Ski Village and into the wilderness!

When entering the wilderness, you will see a catalog on the right hand corner of your screen. There are three hidden cheats in the catalog. Here they are:

After exiting the catalog, you will see a blue puffle. The blue puffle will appear every 5-7 seconds. Click on the blue puffle and start playing the mini-game. The purpose of this game is to rescue all the blue puffles. Rescuing all 5 blue puffles will remove their brain boxes. Take your gold puffle (if you have one). The gold puffle will help collect your penguin treasure.

Use your bottom arrow key to slide and use your top arrow key to get back up.

Rescuing blue puffles can get you a free item. The free item is a head lamp:

Come back Friday for mission 2 of the red puffle!

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