Club Penguin Style Catalog November 2013 Cheats

Hey everyone!

Operation Puffle is coming quickly for this month and the search for a Golden Puffle very close! Club Penguin has released a new catalog for this month so we can look for the new puffle in style!

We get some new backgrounds this month! My favorite is the puffle caretaker one.

Here we have some new clothes to go searching for the Golden Puffle. There are no hidden items on this page.

You can find the hidden items on this page by clicking the gray puffle on the girl penguins shirt and by clicking the item 'The Shock Top'

Click the yellow penguins glasses for the hidden item.

Hover your mouse over the item called Yellow Goggles and you will find the hidden item for this page.

There are no hidden items on this next page.


On this last page we dont have any hidden items but we have a cool outfit that will let you perform a cool move if you press 'D'

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