Club Penguin Holiday Party 2013 Cheats Guide

The Holiday Party has finally arrived on Club Penguin - so has Coins for Change!

When you first login to Club Penguin, Rockhopper will greet you with a message and tell you what there is to do during the party. "Ye can hop aboard the train, collect coins, and of course – Donate!"

Coins for Change - Coins for Change has finally arrived on Club Penguin. With that being said, penguins are able to donate their coins to Coins for Change! There is no limit for donating your coins to Coins for Change, you can donate as many times as you want! You can unlock a stamp for donating 5,000 - 10,000 coins. Donating coins can get you the 2013 Coins for Change pin! How many coins are you going to donate? I'm donating more than 10,000. :D

You can view how much coins have been donated so far at the Snow Forts! Keep donating, penguins!

If you head to the Iceberg, (or anywhere else on the island), you will see a blue present on the right hand corner of your screen. Click on it to view the catalog! There are lots of items, however, there is no cheats! :(

Head to the Ski Village and into Santa's Lodge and sit down on the Big Green Cozy Chair! It will automatically take a picture of you on it and give your penguin a free background - The Big Cozy Chair.

Captain Rockhopper has brought Rare Items for us penguins to purchase and has given us a free item to obtain! However, there are no hidden cheats in the catalog but there are really cool items!

Choo Choo! Click on the Coins for Change sign next to the moderator badge. There you'll be able to purchase a train and ride on the railroads. Unfortunately, you can only ride the trains if you're a member. You can equip whichever train you would like.

Emotions - Club Penguin has added three new emotions to the Emotes list. They added a whistle, a present, and a coins for change logo.

This party is amazing! Club Penguin did such an amazing job with the room designs and the party itself. Do you like the party? How many coins will you be donating to Coins for Change? Leave your comments below, I'd love to hear. Happy Donating. :D

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