The Spoiler Alert - Best of 2013

Club Penguin has uploaded another episode of The Spoiler Alert. This time, it is a "Best of 2013" episode. It features Polo Field, Spike Hike, and, drum-roll please, Billybob! Yes, Billybob is in this episode.

This episode includes Jet Pack Boost competitions, Extreme Reading, and the first ever "The Spoiler Alert Awards". In The Spoiler Alert Awards, Spike Hike and Billybob name off the best free item, best member item, best igloo, best music video, and the best party of 2013.

 Keep watching until the end, because a big hint of Card-Jitsu (Shadow?) is revealed. Did you enjoy this episode? Tell me in the comments below.

Waddle On!
Icey Jot Pop

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