Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2014 Guide/Cheats!

Every month Club Penguin hosts a differen't party. Each party is completely differen't and unique in it's own way! For January 2014, the Prehistoric party is here!

Hey friends! The long awaited Prehistoric Party 2014 is here! Along with the party comes cool new features, digloos and DINO PUFFLES!

When you first log into Club Penguin, Gary will greet you and ask if you would like to go back in time. Click the button that says Ok. Now that we're in the prehistoric age Gary asks us to save dino puffles.

Around the island there are these crator looking holes where you can play the game Dino Dig. Playing the game will allow you to find eggs!

To play Dino Dig you have to dig by clicking the little squares on the screen. Once you see an egg be sure to dig a lot in that area. Be careful, you only get 12 tries for each game. The shovels on the top show how many tries you have left. Once you are done you should recieve your prize.


Here is the page where your collected eggs appear. On this page you can also collect prizes. On the left you see where it says Save These Dino Puffles! and that is where you can collect other prizes. For every egg that you find you can collect a prize. I just found the blue egg so I get a free slingshot. 

You have to be a member to equip the blue dino eggs. On the right side it shows eggs of dinosaurs you can transform into. You have to collect the eggs in order to use them. This side is for members only!

Alright, so you found an what? Now, you have to hatch it. You have to go to the volcano and heat it up three times. The dino puffle you unlock will appear in your igloo backyard.

Club Penguin has added new emojis for penguins to use. These emojis are prehistoric themed. Check them out. | Come back for more Club Penguin codes & Club Penguin cheats!

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