Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #429

Every week, Club penguin releases one new newspaper issue for the players. Aunt Arctic, the mascot, is known for writing these issues. Occasionally, other mascots or other penguins get to add what they have to say in the newspaper. This week Gary shares important things on the upcoming party - the Prehistoric Party 2014.

Club Penguin has released its latest newspaper on the snow-covered island. This week's newspaper mainly talks about the upcoming party which is the Prehistoric Party 2014. The first article talks about a message being written on a rock... What does the rock say?

Club Penguin Newspaper 429

The second article, "Cadence Rocks it Old School" talks about the new catalog in the Clothes Shop. DJ Cadence informs us to purchase the latest fashion in the shop! She says there are wicked, feathers, face paint and bright color outfits. Ooga ooga!

Club Penguin Newspaper 429

Last but not least, we have the upcoming events! Here are the upcoming events:

Club Penguin Newspaper 429

January 16 - Furniture Catalog - Ugga Ugga Furniture!

January 16 - Stage - Penguins That Time Forgot hits the State!

January 16 - Comics - More comics on the way!

January 23 - Time Travel Awaits - (Prehistoric Party 2014!)

I can't wait for the Prehistoric party 2014! The party looks like it's going to better than last years! Are you excited for it? Leave your comments below!

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