Club Penguin Players Give Feedback

A while back Club Penguin staff members were giving out abundant amount of clues and sneak peeks to future parties. Although, many people loved the sneak peeks at first it quickly became frowned upon. Eventually, people started complaining that there were too many sneak peeks and clues that they could no longer be excited for an upcoming party or event.

Recently, I asked the lovely Club Penguin players on Twitter about their opinion on the way Club Penguin delivers news about upcoming events. I asked and they answered.

In the past, I think Club Penguin had to practically give everything away because of the age of most of the kids playing Club Penguin. From what I have noticed, these days many Club Penguin players are old enough to be able to figure things out (I am not calling young people unintelligent but you get my point). Come to think of it, maybe letting Club Penguin players try to figure out what's going on around the island is better.

Maybe putting in a little more curiosity and suspicion could perhaps trigger more people being engaged on Club Penguin. In my opinion, players want all the sneak peeks they can get but once you start handing out sneak peeks and clues like there is no tomorrow then the excitement, everyone once had, begins to fade. | Come back for more Club Penguin codes & Club Penguin cheats!

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