Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #441

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper issue on the snow covered island. This week's newspaper contains some major information regarding stowaways on the Migrator, the performances at the Muppets Theater, and the upcoming events. Let's unfold this week's newspaper and see what's going on in the Club Penguin World:
The first article in this week's newspaper talks about the shortage of supplies on the Migrator. Can there be a Stowaway on Rockhopper's Ship? Well, Captain Rockhopper tells us penguins to visit the Migrator when it's docked on the Beach and hopefully the stowaways (if there are any) will show themselves when the Migrator is docked at the Beach!

The second article in this week's newspaper talks about the performances at the Muppets Theater! DJ Cadence says that we rocked it! Woo-hoo!
Last but not least, the upcoming events:
April 17 - Puffle Park - A place for puffles to play!
April 17 - Get your puffles ready! - Celebrate all the new puffles at Puffle Party 2014!
I'm so excited for the Puffle Party! I can't wait to celebrate with all the new puffles! Are you excited for the Puffle Party? Leave your comments below!

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