Update on Club Penguin app for iOS and New Time Update

Hey penguins! If you have a Twitter and you're a part of the Club Penguin community, you probably follow or at least know of Polo Field, a well known moderator. Recently, he's been letting us know that he's been moving his office room, and in his most recent tweet, I noticed something really cool.

I zoomed in on it a bit so you could see it better, it's the Club Penguin game! First off, the screen is too small to be a notebook computer or a desktop, but too big to be the iPhone. The only logical explanation would be the iPad Mini, but the interface doesn't look like the current iPad App, so maybe they could be adding a new interface to the iOS application!

All of that aside, you can see that the room is the Stadium, but it has a pretty cool twist to it. It's dark! The Stadium has never been this dark, this gives me the idea that maybe the weather and brightness on the island will actually be based on Penguin Standard time! When it is AM or Morning Time, it will be light but gradually turn darker and darker as the time goes into the afternoon and then the night.

Let me know what you think of this idea and if you think that this idea will actually be added into the game and if you would like it! Most of all, thanks for reading my post, see you next time! - Blek.

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