Airhead 32's Mini Birthday Party!

Hello everyone! Today (June 22) is my birthday and I decided that I want to make a mini birthday party on Club Penguin! It was a good decision. Although the party was short (like I said it was a mini party) it was still very fun.

The party started at the Icerberg on the server Rainbow. When I first got there they told me happy birthday! It was cool.

Since the Penguin Cup was currently happening on the Club Penguin island I decided it would be a great idea to play soccer at the stadium. We did and it was fun!

I do kind of feel bad because many people were sad because they didn't know I had this party. Unlike my other parties, I did not plan this party over a long time. I just decided to have the party suddenly. If you didn't get to come then do not worry! Bigger party coming later on this year!

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