Club Penguin Furniture and Igloo Catalog June 2014

There's a new catalog for your igloo! This month you can design your igloo themed for the Penguin Cup! For example check out my awesome new igloo below. Also, there is new music for your igloo.


First off, you can buy this soccer field design for your igloo. Perfect if you want to make your igloo look like it's outside.

Next, we have some new items. There is a secret item on this page and I put a red box around the area you have to click for the secret item.

Thanks for reading! Club Penguin Hints; come back for more Club Penguin cheats and Club Penguin codes!


  1. hey cena12121! you forgot 2 of them on the first page click the green chair for the scoop chair and click the book shelf for the funky bookshelf

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment but there is no green chair or book shelf on page one.