Club Penguin Frozen Party Confirmed + Snowman Puffle

Have you been waiting for Frozen to take over the Club Penguin island? If you have then the time you've been waiting for has come. Rumors of the Frozen party have been alive since as far back as last Christmas but this time the rumors have been confirmed.

Apparently, this party is planned to start some time in August of 2014! Crazy right? Well Polo Field tweeted saying something about a summer party taking place in August but with a "twist". Our guess is that it's going to start off as a normal summer party and then somehow the island gets frozen. Maybe by Queen Elsa?

Along with the announcement of this icy takeover the Club Penguin community has spotted a snowman puffle in Club Penguin's latest music video. Here's a pic of it below.

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There's no doubt that the Frozen takeover is on it's way. The only thing that I am a little confused about is the timing of this party. Frozen came out last year at the end of November and now Club Penguin is hosting a party for Frozen nearly a year after the release.

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  1. What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to know. Let's talk!

  2. Its in the summer because the movie is based on summer but Elsa froze the town

  3. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that!

  4. Mabe.....Ive looked up a list of the parties and events and it said August 2014 is going to be a frozen takeover..soo ya.