Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #455

It's time to read the next newspaper. The Music Jam is almost here so that is what this issue is centered around.

To read more simply click the 'Chart-Topper' button. I've added that section below as well. 

Next, Rookie let's us know about the big cruise ship that will arrive just in time for the Music Jam this July.

Take a look at this issues Island Rumors section. Surprisingly, a new cave has appeared on the side of a mountain. It is only visible if you stand on Ski Hill. Supposedly, it is said that the cave glows at night or that a Sasquatch lives there.

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  1. I think the CAVE is Herbert's New HIDEOUT !!! It has got to be it . During Operation : Hibernation Herbert's Cave had to accessed from the Ski Village to the Tour Signboard (the signboard wasn't there during the mission). Also during Operation : Blackout Herbert's Fortress had to be accessed from there too !!! ( Again the signboard wasn't there during the mission !!!). SO I THINK HERBERT IS GOING TO ATTACK EPF AGAIN !!!!
    Please Reply.
    And Polo Field if you know anything about this please tell us!!! Best Regards X10penguin