Club Penguin Halloween Party October 2014 Cheats

The Halloween Party is here and I am excited! Are you? I've made a video guide for the first part of the party. Feel free to watch my video below and subscribe by clicking here.

There's a ton of things to do throughout the weeks while the Halloween Party is going on. I believe we're on a quest to find Gariwald.

In Continuation of where I left off in the video:

8th Floor:

First we must read the clue that the 8th floor gives us.
"The haunted pumpkins hide the key. Look inside them and you'll soon see."

Alright, this floor level is easy! All you have to do is click on the big pumpkins to pop them. Try it out.

Once you're done popping the pumpkins away, the gate should open and you will need to click on the item to add it to your inventory.

9th Floor:

Here is the next riddle for us. It's for the 9th floor.

"Through a maze you have to look and not simply for a book."

Having trouble with the maze? No worries :). I've figured it out for you! Check out the answer below.

More free items:

Don't forget to pick up your free items!

11th Floor:

Moving on. Here is the new riddle we get for the 11th floor. I wonder what it means.
"Another riddler guards this floor but words are not what it waits for."

When you get to that floor this huge statue will give you more riddles! Tricky but not impossible. The first one says:

"When you're out and you see a friend, this is how your mouth will bend."

Well when we see a friend our mouths bend into a happy face, right? Right! Do the happy face emoji to pass the first riddle.

Answer to first riddle: 

Answer to the second riddle: 

Answer to the third riddle: 

Answer to the fourth riddle: 

You did it! You made the statue reveal where the hidden item was.

12th Floor:

There doesn't seem to be a riddle for the 12th floor. It just tells us to go to the 12th floor and use the machine.

I went to that floor and used the machine like he told me. I captured the puffles in the machine but....HEY!!! HE TRAPPED US!

Oh no! It turns out the bellhop was the evil GHOST! We were helping a villain this whole time! I should have known.

Ghost: "BAHAHA! You caught the ghost puffles for me! NICE! Now I'm gonna use their ghostly energy to haunt all of Club Penguin! You thought the Puffle Hotel was scary? Wait 'till you see what I have lined up!"


To escape throw a snowball on the power source! Go go go!

You now have to run to the red button but the ghost will be blocking your way.

Throw a snowball at the rubble at the top (I circled it in red in the picture below). Something will fall on the ghost and he will be distracted. Run to the red button while he is distracted.

We win! The good guys always win!

Ghost: "WHAA? That was such a good plan! NOOOO!"

You can collect the free item once everything is over.

There are a ton of more things to collect. Be sure to collect all of these items before the party is over or else it will be too late!

Thanks for reading! Club Penguin Hints; come back for more Club Penguin cheats and Club Penguin codes!

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