Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #483

This weeks newspaper issue is a little different than usual. We start off with a WANTED poster. There's something different about this newspaper issue but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the darker gray background.

I clicked for more details and here is what it said.

Below Agent Kallus let's us know the rules to the Empire. We all must follow these rules in order to keep peace.

Droid Reprogramming Day?! I have no idea what this is but it sounds like fun! Apparently, we're preparing for a day called Empire Day. Sounds like fun as well.


  1. i am liking the star wars party

  2. i need help im a member and it says when you complete all missions members get a lightsaber but theres one quest i cant do until the 25th but i see others with the lightsaber! how do i get it? i did all the quests except the one that i have to do on the 25th someone please help!!!!!!

    1. Just to let you know I figured out the answer to your question and I made a post about it on the homepage of this website. Thanks for commenting. (: