Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker March 2015

The Puffle Handler is online again and this is your chance to meet her! For the Puffle Party, PH has agreed to come online and help solve the mystery of the SASQUATCH (which he is also online as well).

You can track down the Puffle Handler with other penguins in the chatroom below. Please remember to be patient while tracking the Puffle Handler.

How to track mascots using the chatroom:
Go into the chat and be sure to sign in. You can do this by typing something and clicking enter. There will be other Club Penguin players in the chat. Every player goes into a server and looks around for the mascot. If the mascot is there the player must go back into the chat and tell others. If you find the mascot you must do the same.

If every player checks a server then the Puffle Handler will be found very fast! Please scroll below the chat to read the rules.

Type in chat and click enter to join/sign in!

Be sure to follow these rules below:
1. No advertising.
2. No swearing.
3. No spamming.
4. Be patient while tracking.

If you break a rule you may be kicked or even banned! If you see someone breaking a rule then please report them to a moderator.

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