How to Earn Coins on Club Penguin Island

Soon after I began fooling around on Club Penguin island I came to the point where I knew you could buy items with coins but I just had no idea how to get them. Then I saw random floating objects like blue shells and seaweed so I figured it out quite quickly.

Exchanging Items for Coins:

You have to collect things like shells, for example, and then go to a machine which exchanges shells for coins. You have to collect quite a few shells (but it's honestly not difficult you just need to walk around).


Completing Quests:

Completing quests are just another way to fulfill your money-making desires. You must have learned how to complete quests when you first began playing so there's this option.

Going Fishing:

Every day you're able to throw your fishing line 10 times. Once you use up all of your fishing poles then you'll have to wait until the next day. Depending on which type of fish you catch you will earn more or less coins.

Simply head over to the fishing dock and click the orange exclamation point on your action bar to take out your fishing pole. Once you see a fish on the hook just reel it in by tapping.


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